CON-VIVA is a collaboration among researchers and practitioners based in six different countries. It is headquartered in the Sociology of Development and Change (SDC) group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and includes project teams from the Brazil, Finland, Tanzania, the United States and the United Kingdom. Non-academic parters include IUCN-Netherlands and WWF-Netherlands.

Project Co-Leaders:

Bram Büscher

Robert Fletcher

Wageningen University Support Team:

Stasja Coot

Robert Coates

Brazil Team:

Katia Ferraz, Universidade de São Paulo – Brazil Team PI

Silvio Marchini, Chester Zoo

Mariana Landis, Institute Manacá

Ronaldo Gonçalves Morato, CMBio/CENAP

Finland Team:

Anja Nygren, University of Helsinki – Finland Team PI


Mathew Bukhi Mabele, University of Dodoma – Tanzania Team PI

United States Team:

Peter Alagona, University of California at Santa Barbara – US Team PI

United Kingdom Team:

Dan Brockington, Sheffield University – UK Team PI