The Case for Convivial Conservation

Originally published at: By Bram Büscher and Robert Fletcher, Wageningen University (Netherlands) In the face of the sixth extinction, rising wildlife crime and biodiversity under dire threat around the globe, environmental conservation finds itself in desperate times. A new approach is needed, one that takes seriously our economic system’s structural pressures, violent socio-ecological realities,Continue reading “The Case for Convivial Conservation”

What is transformation anyway?

By Kate Massarella, Wageningen University (Netherlands) Since the Brundtland report was published over 30 years ago, sustainable development has held its place as the goal for many concerned with both environmental protection and economic development. This powerful idea that we can eliminate global poverty while preserving the natural world has captured and held the collectiveContinue reading “What is transformation anyway?”

Human-Jaguar Relations in the Atlantic Forest: an opportunity for conviviality!

By the Brazilian CONVIVA team Interdisciplinarity as a goal and starting point. The Brazilian team implementing the CONVIVA – convivial conservation project is a highly diverse group of enthusiastic researchers from different institutions and disciplines, working in collaboration towards jaguar conservation in the Atlantic rainforest through a convivial perspective. Coordinated by Dr. Katia Ferraz, the leaderContinue reading “Human-Jaguar Relations in the Atlantic Forest: an opportunity for conviviality!”

Conserving what, how, and for whom? Unpacking SDG 15 “Life on land” and its links to convivial conservation

By Judith Krauss, University of Sheffield (UK) What does the 15th Sustainable Development Goal, dubbed “Life on Land”, mean for CONVIVA, our research project investigating how conservation can be made more convivial, socially just, transformative? This blog post hopes to offer some initial, non-exhaustive thoughts building on a paper I am currently developing. It arguesContinue reading “Conserving what, how, and for whom? Unpacking SDG 15 “Life on land” and its links to convivial conservation”

CONVIVA postdoc, UC Santa Barbara, 2 years

The California Grizzly Research Network and NORFACE/Belmont Forum/NSF-funded CON-VIVA working group invite applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in conservation social science. Since 2016, the Grizzly Network ( has been promoting—through interdisciplinary research and education—a more informed scholarly and public conversation about the past and potential future of brown (grizzly) bears in California. The CON-VIVAContinue reading “CONVIVA postdoc, UC Santa Barbara, 2 years”