Convivial Conservation

Convivial (literally: ‘living with’) conservation offers a new and integrated approach to understanding and practicing environmental conservation. It is a Whole Earth vision that responds to the major ecological, social and political-economic challenges facing people and biodiversity in the 21st century

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Convivial conservation is inspired by many collectives and individuals doing conservation differently and holistically. Several research projects are ongoing to learn from their practices and to support them by providing a vision that unites different struggles in pursuit of a socially and ecologically just conservation. The idea is to build on promising examples to develop a general conservation model embodying more convivial principles both within these sites and elsewhere.


We are currently working with the Dutch Planning Bureau for the Environment (PBL) to build convivial conservation scenarios that can inform post-2020 biodiversity frameworks. A first result was published in September 2020: ‘Narratives for the “Half Earth” and “Sharing The Planet” scenarios‘ by Immovilli and Kok

If you want to contribute to developing this exciting new conservation vision, its governance and practice, please get in touch, join the community on this website to share your ideas or connect with our LinkedIn page!

Blogs, news and updates

  • German translation out soon
    The German translation of the Conservation Revolution (Die Naturschutzrevolution) will soon be available through Passagen Verlag. Order your copy here!
  • Convivial Conservation policy briefs!
    Check out the first of four policy briefs produced by the CONVIVA project to explain Convivial Conservation to a broad audience:
  • The Conservation Revolution will be translated!
    The book The Conservation Revolution: Radical Ideas for Saving Nature beyond the Anthropocene by Bram Büscher and Robert Fletcher is currently being translated into several languages: Français: there will be a French translation by Actes Sud, hopefully coming in 2023; Español: there will be a Spanish translation by Icaria Editorial, hopefully coming in 2022; Deutsch: … Read more

The conservation revolution

Convivial Conservation is inspired by a new book by Bram Büscher and Robert Fletcher, published in February 2020 by Verso Books. Titled The Conservation Revolution: Radical Ideas for Saving Nature beyond the Anthropocene, it outlines the historical roots and conceptual framework guiding the convivial conservation proposal and CONVIVA research project. It is available here and via all major booksellers.

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